September 20, 2016

The Fourth Trimester

According to Harvey Karp in Happiest Baby on the Block, the first 3 months after birth are like an additional trimester.  Due to physiological constraints of our species (head size at birth, etc) the baby needs to be born but isn't quite ready for life on the outside.  So, during that time, they tend to crave things that are "womb like".  Swaddling, "sushing" sound, swinging, sucking.  Dahlia is out of that phase now and it's obvious; she's sturdy and stretched out and wide eye'd.  I miss our long days together, just the two of us with her snuggled next to me in the sling, but it's fun to have this little person emerging too.

Loves mirrors
Is not into the bottle
Naps in her swing
Lights up when someone talks to her (or even just looks at her)
Likes to watch older kids play
Can stand on daddy's hand even though she can't sit up on her own (and loves it)
When she's happy, she opens her mouth super wide like an awkward mistaken smile
Is very strong (according to the doctor and anyone who's hair got caught in her death grip)
Not a huge fan of riding in cars
Has been on 12 airplanes
Currently stretches out 6 month size clothes
Still gets called a boy if she isn't wearing pink (and sometimes even if she is)
Loves to float around in our big tub
Has doubled in size since birth
Is still a happy, easy, adorable, stealer of hearts

September 18, 2016

Aiden's Room

I'm realizing as I do this that Aiden's is probably the most finished room in the house.  It's packed with everything he could need without being too packed.  I could say it's well thought out but mostly things just accumulated over the years (somethings 30+ years) and came together when we moved into the house.  I really love how it all turned out but mostly he loves it.  He doesn't always come out of his room when he wakes up- he just wants to stay in there and play (that's literally happening now, as I type this).

A random collection of hand-me downs, gifts, and impulse buys.  I loooooove that he finally started being interested in reading (I guess it's been a while now).  We mostly get books from the library otherwise I get bored out of my skull :) but there are some all-time favorites here, too.

A place where one hangs their hat, so to speak.  Or superhero cape.  Literally.

This is my favorite part of the whole room.  And the table and chairs are from my childhood!  Good call on saving so much, mom!  I love that he has a "his-sized" workspace, even if he usually plays legos on the floor.  I rotate what's out there- art stuff, a toy, some books- and try to keep it open enough for whatever.  He and some neighbor kids had a full on pizza kitchen/store going there yesterday.

Dress up!  And his astronaut halloween costume from last year that I'm so proud of.  He got a super hero cape last year and Christmas and wore it non-stop for months and I realized he's in the playing pretend stage- it's right up there with legos as his favorite pastime.

Super comfy bed where I think "Dude! I would love to switch places with you right now!" every night when I try to coerce him to go to sleep.  Also, that's a giant gummy bear night light that turns off after 30 minutes and is so perfect (Land of Nod find from a few years ago).

Play tent in all it's glory: this is where he hides if we play hide and seek (or he's trying to hide something from us) and where he keeps the clothes he's picked out for the next day.

Propellers a friend of ours bought for him years ago at some flee market- they fit his color scheme so perfectly (or maybe they defined his color scheme...).

And, keeping it real, this is what the floor in front of his closet looks like 99% of the time:

September 7, 2016

Aiden Says

Aiden: Am I going to be a grownup when I'm 5?
Me: No not until your 18.
Aiden: Awh :(
Me: Honey it's great to be a young. You are only a kid once. 
Aiden: You're only a grown up once too.

Aiden: Why
Me: Why do you ask so many questions Aiden?
Aiden: Because I like to talk. 

To a random lady waiting for her coffee while he's looking for playmates:
Aiden: Do you have any kids?
Her: My kids are 15 and 17.
Aiden: Well I'm a big kid. 

To a random lady at the grocery store:
Aiden: I'm going to be 5 after I'm 4!
Her: Oh...ok?

To everyone, even if they've seen him a hundred times since his birthday:
Aiden: I'm four!

He's parroting a lot of things he hears from us or movies that are pretty funny to hear from a 4 year old.  Such as:
Aiden: How many times do I have to tell you?
Aiden: Listen up people. 
Aiden: Good job sister!

Aiden: Did I have a big brother when I was a baby?
Me: ...

Me: How many people are in our family?
Aiden: 4
Me: Who are they?
Aiden: Hailey (our 6 year old neighbor) ... 

 My hands are sticky. 
Me: Why?
Aiden: From the honey squirrel poop. 
Me: ...Tree sap?
Aiden: Yeah.