October 12, 2015

Camping in the Olympics and blogging blah

One morning, I was brushing my teeth upstairs and Aiden was playing in the hall when I hear him ask in his perma-loud voice:
Aiden: Mama! Yes or no?!
Me: ...What?
Aiden: Yes or no!
This is certainly a strange request to get with no context but not exactly out of the ordinary in a toddler household- I get these request all day long.  I assumed he was asking if he could go downstairs and promptly answer yes.

But then my mama instincts went off and something compelled me to stick my head out and check on him.  He was laying on his stomach at the top of the stairs preparing to sled head-first down the stairs.  But he thought he'd clear it with me first.  So yeah, technically he was asking if he could go downstairs....

These are the kinds of things I might forget if I don't write them down.  And they would be such a tragedy to loose.  (I mean that sarcastically of course but also I kinda mean it, too, you know?)  So a blog could be a great fit.  But I don't want it to turn into a recitation of our life logistics- that bores the pants off me so I can only imagine the life threatening amounts of boredom it causes for others.  The problem is, that's where I always gravitate- the "life-audit" vein of topics.  There's probably just not enough material otherwise but also it's safer, somehow less... embarrassing?

Side bar on the life logistics: I'm thinking of starting a Bouchat vehicle interest Twitter account so folks can keep abreast of all our automotive changes and their reasoning.  I can barely keep track myself.  Also perhaps a "Aiden phrase of the day" Twitter.  He seems to go through periods of certain words dominating then it passes- it'd be fun (for me) to be able to look back.  Like for a while, it was "me do it!"  Now it's adding "poop" on the end of anything to make it a joke.  Maybe that's a good way to cover life logistics or more likely I'm missing the point of Twitter.  I'll admit it, it just seems to me like a flood of shit per one drop of gold.  I'm an old person who doesn't get it already.

Anyway.  I'm going to try to write more and take decent pictures, too.  Maybe not enough to keep an interesting blog but at least some.  In the mean time, I wrote here about a camping trip we took this summer and here are some pictures from it- I had to force myself to take them and I'm so glad I did.

October 7, 2015

Fall Classics in Jersey and a New York minute for my Birthday

Did you know there are farms in New Jersey?  I have to admit I thought the whole "Garden State" thing was a huge marketing ploy.  But some of our great friends live there so that was motivation enough.  Well, that and some cool old car racing event on the beach (cough David cough cough).  But alas, the later was postponed at the last minute- they take their hurricane warnings pretty seriously out there, and for good reason.

Anyway, we had a great time regardless, seeing the sights in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, but mostly lazing around and visiting old friends. One day, the fall spirit overcame us and we visited a farm.  We started out with some animal observing, which seems like it would be great for a city kid to see.  Aiden was actually a million times more interested in the big wheel bikes and toy cars on the lawn in front, but hey.

I didn't know mums were fall flowers but the do really remind me of my mum, er, mom. haha.

Then we loaded up into the tractor and were off on a pumpkin hunt. 

Did you know this is what baby pumpkins look like?!? Sheesh, so cute.


And later, our farm spoils turned into this.

And after a long day, some yard games, and tons of food, we all turned into this.

A few days later, on my birthday, we snuck into NYC for a quick afternoon.  We debated not going- after all we only had a few hours- but it really turned out perfect.  The weather was spectacular and I count that extremely rare event as my birthday present as well.  After a quick tour of Central Park, we hit up the West Village for a playground, lunch, some mini birthday pastries, and a little stroll.

The highlight, for me, was when we first saw the NYC skyline and Aiden exclaimed "Look at all the castles!!"