January 21, 2015

3/52 and Vacation Greatest Hits

Aiden had some pretty knee-slapping one-liners during our little vacation to Montana last week.  I don't know where this guy gets it but certainly not from me.  Here are a few of my favorite:

Aiden: Can I have some water?
Grandpa: Can you say that in French?
Aiden: French water please!

Spent lots of time practicing his executive skills in the play kitchen:
Sit here!  No, with your legs like that!  Ok, now stay there!  
He's going to make quite the CEO some day.

A dear family friend, Linda, came by to say visit.  We served her tea in a mug with Santa on it and she asked Aiden if she knew who he was (he didn't).  Later, Aiden needed to go pee but surprisingly not with me.  When I asked him, he pointed bashfully to Linda and said: I want Santa to take me potty.

(I'll preface this one by saying Aiden does not know how to count or have a concept of age.)
Linda: How old are you?
Aiden (without skipping a beat): Two and a half.
Me: (jaw drop)

Normally he is a grouchy waker-upper, where tears are a mere feather-drop away.  But at the grandparents house he would rocket out of bed immediately upon opening his eyes and run downstairs shouting Good morning Ama!!  Good Morning Apa!!

Aiden playing in the living room, then suddenly taking a potty break one morning:
Poopoo coming!

We played many rousing rounds of hide-and-seek and Aiden kinda got it.  Just a little bit.
(Aiden hiding in the closet with me)
Grandpa: Ready or not, here I come!
Grandpa: Hmmm, I wonder where Aiden is?
Aiden:  Me! Here!

January 18, 2015

Beauty for Mama

mascara // nail polish // q-tips // coconut oil // perfume // chap stick // exfoliator // feather earrings // lash curler // cream
So!  I wrote this a while ago for some online magazine and it looks like it will not be published as the date has come and gone.  I imagine there was a dramatic firing, with my liaison huffed exasperatedly and stormed out.  Or something.  Anyway, since I've been a bit on the pre-occupied side and at a loss for words lately, so I figured why not just post this here!  You know.... the interview of myself?  On a tooooootally unrelated note: is there anything more narcissistic than a blog?!  Hope this isn't too weird :/  Anyway, here goes:

What's the best beauty advice you've received?
"Beauty starts from the inside out."  And by that, I don't mean that you are beautiful because your a good person (although you are) but that what you put in your body effects how you look as much as what you put on it.  Drink lots of water, get a good nights sleep, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, get a bit of fresh air and exercise- taking care of yourself from a health perspective is the best first step in any beauty routine.

Have your children ever commented on your makeup or beauty routine?
The other day Aiden requested to have his fingernails painted- black like mine, of course- he really likes to be the same as people around him so that will be interesting as he notices me doing more girly things.  I cannot count the number of times I've explained that Mama takes a shower in the morning but Aiden takes a bath at night.

How has your beauty routines changed since you had children?
Showering went from something I was obligated to do, to something that was a real privilege: a long hot shower, actually washing/blowdrying my hair, and maybe doing something completely unnecessary like painting my nails?  That no longer sounds like a list of chores but like a mini, relaxing vacation.  Also, another change is that earrings are basically out of the question if I want to keep my ears intact: who knew they looked like miniature irresistible toys to a toddler?

How do you find time to focus on yourself, your blog and your family?
Blogging is really one of my favorite ways to spend "me-time."  It's my creative outlet and the one thing that I have 100% creative control over so it is therapeutic to spend time on in.  It's also energizing to work on my writing and photography, meeting people, and sorting through thoughts so it feels important to prioritize.  It also fits really well into disjointed chunks of free time that wouldn't have been useful for much otherwise.

Do you have any beauty advice for moms?
In general, moms seem to be experts at efficiency and juggling things even when it seems like there is simply not enough time.  And if you're going to cut something out of your day, it's natural that time spent primping is an easy target.  But the cliche advice is true: you can't take care of others until you take care of yourself.  It's important to set a good example, feel your best, and to retain part of that person you were before baby.

My favorite beauty buys:

Eucerin Cream- It's super thick and not the easiest to put on but it really works and is a lifesaver in dry climates.

Rimmel London mascara- Just drugstore mascara but it works better than some fancy stuff twice the price.  It's one thing I almost never leave the house without putting on.

Aveda Shampoo/Conditioner- These are more pricey but I try to wash my hair as seldom as possible because I think it's better for my hair I'm just that lazy and this makes the product lasts forever.

Tarte Foundation- I only recently started using this occasionally to smooth out my skin in the dark, harsh winter.  It's super subtle, easy to put on, and (again) lasts forever!

Smashbox Lips Trial BoxSet- I rarely wear lipstick but some people just make it look so killer that when I saw this trial BoxSet from Smashbox I couldn't resist.  I couldn't find the exact one but it's got maybe 3 mini lip sticks and 3 lip glosses in pink/red/nude.  It's fun to have options without committing to one.  I feel so fancy.

January 14, 2015


"Zzzrrooommm" says the cars.   "Schrewissssh" says the boat.

"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2015." 
--The 52 Project