January 19, 2016

The Greatest Veggie Sandwich in the World

I'm the kind of person that will order the veggie pizza or sandwich or salad at the most meat-centric, red-blooded, gun-toting, truck-driving, hippie-scoffing restaurant ever.  You know the kind- where you have to hunt for the one thing without meat and they only put it on there because they think they have to, where it stands out like the token ethnic model in a toothpaste commercial.  And I don't do it because I'm a vegetarian, just 'cause I'm in the mood, I guess

I don't know why I keep doing it; it's a character flaw.  Even though I'm in the mood for the thing, it always ends up being a huge disappointment- tasteless frozen or canned veggies over some generic carb or drowned in ranch.  In my head, I'm imagining the best case scenario; this amazing salad I had at a raw restaurant in NYC or my mom's veggie pizza or the usually at the build-your-own sandwich bar in my work cafeteria.

The line is always long there so you gotta be committed to the wait or go crazy early/late.  But it's worth it.  As I might have mentioned, I'm not on site anymore so whenever I go back, I embrace my inner weirdo and get it 4 days in a row.  At home, I've had to improvise.  And while it's not exact, it is sufficient.

Ok lets get started:

You need:
Salt and Pepper

I hope I don't have to tell you- quality is paramount, particularly with the tomato and bread.  The onion has to be really thinly sliced and, if you're feeling crazy, you can add roasted mushrooms or red peppers.  We have to freeze bread or it'll go bad but toasting it works fine.  Provolone cheese works best but I only had manchago, red onion works best but I only had yellow (are you sensing the theme?  I'm not prepared).  Also, you can add a fried egg if you're into that (and you should be- it's delicious).

This is not the greatest veggie sandwich in the world.  This is merely a tribute.

January 16, 2016

Things that have been making me happy lately

 The Big Move   

 Decorating our new place

Intense lego playing

Random, just-for-fun creative projects

 A pretty cool work station for Aiden's art or legos

This awesome childcare place at our new gym

Aiden learning to ski

 More house projects 

Spending lots of time with my parents

 Aiden's custom halloween costume- I know this is way back, I guess I'm just proud of how it turned out

A thoughtful gift from David (a lens!)

Changing faces of my coworkers

New chores!  (I wish, haha- this was a one time deal)

Planning an adventure

Fam time, outside (sledding)

It's a girl!