April 21, 2015

March 29, 2015

Flora and Fauna

This Saturday we woke up feeling like we needed to get out of dodge so we decided to go see the plants and animals.  And by that I mean the tulips and the whales.  This area (the Pacific Northwest) is well known for both and Seattle is only an hour or two away.  We have been to the tulip fields before but Aiden certainly didn't remember.  It was on the and they really are gorgeous and bizarre so why not.

From there we took an hour-something ferry to Friday Harbor (or in Aidens case, an hour-something nap).

To kill time before dinner, we cruised the docks and chatted up the sea plane pilot and watch them take off. They were headed to Seattle, literally blocks from our house which sounds pretty fun and not just a little bit fancy. Next time!  I also tried to get in the spirit by watching Twilight for the first time even though David kept saying it's not that close to Forks.  Meh- foggy, remote towns in the PNW are all the same to me.  

The next day we hopped on one of the little whale watching boats that weaves through the islands looking for orcas or humpbacks (this is the season for orcas).  Both transient and resident pods are common in the San Juans but unfortunately the whales were feeling quite private that day and we saw neither. We did see seals and sea lions and bighorn sheep and lots of Eagles (none of which I even remotely have the lens for) so I guess that's gotta count for something.

It was a bummer not to see them but the weekend was super fun and we'll try again. It's understandable I suppose- they are wild animals after all.