August 27, 2016

Paper Animal Heads DIY

This post could also be titled "What not to do when you're already over committed."

Ok the back story: The baby's room was "finished" in that it was clean, painted, and had some assorted baby gear in it.  But was totally not "finished" in that it was the fun, happy, creative, inspiring space I wanted for my little cherub spawn.  So one day when we were walking around Brussels (post coming soon hopefully!) and among the many many rad things everywhere was this adorable children's shop and among the many super rad things in it was an orange paper giraffe head that screamed "baby's room!" to me.  And it was closed.

Among the million things we tried to do in our time there, we never made it back to the neighborhood.  After arriving home, I was still obsessed with it and on a renewed mission to complete the baby's room but after much searching, the best I found was an expensive kit ($100!) and you still had to put everything together yourself!  Ugh.

So I figured- hey!  I have maybe 10 minutes to myself everyday, maybe I can squeeze in a huge, not-necessary DIY project!  It went ok.

STEP ZERO: Pick a template
If you're playing on easy mode, you just find one pre-made.  I used THIS one.  If you don't have major time commitments (job, kids, the need to sleep- did I tell you this takes a long time?), you can make your own from any picture.  Instructions in the instructables link above.

STEP ONE: Print the pieces
My printer doesn't do A3 (about 11"x17") so I did it at FedEx.  I used cardstock (they only had white) and it cost about $3 for the paper and $3 for the printing (14 sheets).

STEP TWO: Cut everything out
I had visions of doing this as a group, sitting around the table chatting at our summer family reunion but those were actually delusions- there were about a million other more important and pressing things to do so I ended up doing this in during nap times.  Pretty time consuming but strangely satisfying.

STEP THREE: Score and crease a piece
With a straight edge and a knife, score each line and fold them.

STEP FOUR: Find some matching edges and glue them together
Have faith at this stage.  It seemed pretty hopeless to me but it kinda all comes together magically at the end.

STEP FIVE: Repeat 3-4 until you're done
Are you tired of me telling you this is time consuming yet?

A couple of random tips or where I differ from the instructions:
Start with a simple animal (read: no antlers)
Do some big pieces first- it's good for moral
Glue > tape

Voila!  Now I kinda want to do another one for the other wall...

May 13, 2016

Spring and flower babies

When we came home from the hospital after almost five days, there were so many new spring flowers in the garden.  The trees had started to leaf, the grass suddenly needed it's first cut, and after a long winter hibernation, it smelled fresh spring-y.  That day was dark and moody, threatening to rain but also still warm in that quintessential spring way.  Since anything outside the hospital had pretty much ceased to exist since a week before, it was so in-your-face.  Since then, we've had gorgeous hot sunny days, rain, and a pretty hefty snow storm.  In other words: spring.

Every fall, my mom tells me how the changing of the seasons reminds her of my birth.  Now I get it; spring will always remind me of my baby girl's.

April 13, 2016

Aiden says

Aiden: Is bro a bad word?
Me: Er... no.
[Aiden proceeds to say it to start or end every sentence for days]

Aiden: Por favor. 
Me: That's awesome!  What does that mean?
Aiden: That means "can I have something"?

Aiden: What's your name, Harry?

[loading the car after the grocery store]
Aiden: I want to hold the popcorn bag. 
Me: Ok but no more eating any.  We had all our treats.
Aiden: Ok
Aiden: ...
Aiden: Hey mom? Don't look back when you drive. 

[Every kid that gets within 20 feet of him]
Aiden: Do you want to play with me?!?
[said with enthusiasm, 2 inches from their face]

My friend: What kind of tea is that?
[Aiden takes a sip of my tea and thinks]
Aiden: Mom tea.

[Feeling my belly when the baby kicks]
Aiden: Do it again!

[Watching me puke from morning sickness]
Aiden: Do it again!

Aiden: Can I do [some xyz thing].
Me: Let me think about it. 
Aiden: I'll think about it.  
Aiden: We can! I thinked about it!
Aiden: Cago means hand. Because that's the word for Spanish. 

[In the bath]
Aiden: Where is the bubble's home?

Aiden: Why it's raining? 
[x1000 during the 5 minute drive to school one morning when it rained.]

[When the snow is melting]
Aiden: Do we still live in Montana?
[because that was always my answer to "Why is it snowing?"]

Aiden: There are bad guys in Belgium.  Daddy said so.

Aiden: I said a stupid word.  In my dream.

[Almost anything I say]
Aiden: Why?

[running repeatedly at the automatic door at the grocery store]
Aiden: Look!  It's scared of me!